Global Executive Search

Demand for leaders and future leaders is at an all time high and the scarcity of talent is driving more businesses to executive search to gain competitive advantage.

Search is a way of recruiting that can be employed to identify and select candidates for any job level or skill set – it’s not just for the C-Suite. Unsurprisingly, more businesses are choosing to partner with specialist search firms like Annona Search in the war for talent.

Leadership is fundamental to the success of any organisation, and many top businesses explore leadership qualities in recruits at every level. Clearly articulating vision and direction, inspiring and enabling change, and engaging and influencing people are all characteristics of good leaders and Annona Search is uniquely positioned to identify and select the best possible, not just the best available, candidates for its clients.

So, what should you expect from your search partner?

  • A professional engagement with key stakeholders to develop comprehensive role and person specifications, leading to a clear and efficient search strategy
  • Thorough market research to identify proven performers and rising stars in the relevant fields
  • First class candidate engagement and assessment techniques
  • Frequent progress updates and detailed reporting throughout each assignment
  • Support and advice on candidate selection and offer management through to successful on-boarding

Annona Search performs all of the above and more. We will only take on searches that we genuinely believe are achievable.