I was asked recently what my best tip is for someone to land their dream job in Supply Chain Management, this is what I said:

There are many tips to landing your dream job – whether it be in SCM or any other career.

The obvious key to unlocking such an opportunity is to be the right candidate! However the reality is that dream jobs are, by their very nature, exactly that – dreams – and the more realistic one is about suitability, cultural fit and ability to excel and remain fulfilled in and out of work…the less dream-like and more real a job prospect becomes. Career aspirations and ambitions can ultimately be realised with a good plan: an inventory clerk can become global head of supply chain if he/she maps out the path and takes every step seriously…but will he/she still think it’s that dream job when it’s a real prospect?

Looking forward to reading the full report coming soon on http://www.supplychainopz.com/ … and here it is http://www.supplychainopz.com/2014/10/supply-chain-jobs.html