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Should the CPO be a board position?

Chris Arnold, Director at Annona Search, was recently interviewed by Dustin Mattison of Kinaxis Supply Chain Expert Community on the subject of the CPO becoming a board level position. Chris, can please tell us briefly about your business and your involvement with the Supply Chain community. Thanks Dustin, Annona Search is an executive search business,…

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by | 06.05.2016 | Media, Reviews

Procurement in 2016 and the challenge

I heard a story about a (hypothetical) board meeting occurring in the early 2000’s where the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) was claiming (something along the lines of) ’for every dollar you spend with me, I can generate ten dollars of new sales‘, the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) – if they actually had one on the…

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by | 08.01.2016 | Media, Reviews

Landing that dream job?

I was asked recently what my best tip is for someone to land their dream job in Supply Chain Management, this is what I said: There are many tips to landing your dream job – whether it be in SCM or any other career. The obvious key to unlocking such an opportunity is to be the…

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by | 08.10.2014 | Media, News, Reviews

The Changing Face of Pharma

Joel Farrance, Medical Biochemistry student at Manchester University, teams up with Annona Search to review how the Pharmaceutical industry is coping with major change and the role Procurement can play in this over the next decade. Undoubtedly the landscape of the Pharmaceutical industry is a changing one, with companies facing a myriad of challenges. In…

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by | 21.07.2013 | Media, Reviews